A tasty summer combination that puts together the fresh taste of the melon, the sweet of the ham and the very fragrant notes of the white truffle saba. A quick suggestion to enjoy the white truffle saba!

Saba has ancient origins and belongs to the Emilian and Sardinian tradition. It is in fact a characteristic product of the local farming gastronomy. It is also called “cooked grape must” and it is obtained by slow cooking the juice of freshly squeezed grapes over a fire until it is reduced to a thick and sugary syrup: a specialty of the traditional Italian cuisine that we propose with the white truffle. Dense, fragrant and dark in colour, its taste is sweet, its aroma is pleasant and lightly toasted with the delicate notes of white truffle. The farmers used this product both for sweet dishes and to add flavour to simple dishes.

How is White Truffle Saba used?

Today Saba is still a product used in regional dishes as a condiment or for the preparation of traditional desserts. A refined product with an intense flavour that can be combined with cheeses, cold meats, salads or on fresh fruit.